We are having an atypical summer in Gero Axular, as we told you in the previous post, we had scheduled a long international tour of different festivals in Europe that had to be cancelled. We will have to wait until next year to enjoy again all the experiences that the festivals offer us. Even so, these weeks have served us to continue reflecting and working on different aspects that otherwise, we would not have time to do. 

This week we received some very good news at the office. The Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Goteo has chosen the DravetTzari project to participate in matchfunding 2020 together with the Goteo foundation. A funding system that combines grant and institutional input. The great attraction of this initiative is that the Provincial Council will double the donations obtained by the project.

DravetTzari tells the story of a dantzari with Dravet syndrome by Gero Axular Dantza Taldea and Apoyo Dravet. Through music and dance shows, regional costume exhibitions and other activities, in 2021 we will bring the history of Dravet syndrome to all corners of the Basque Country.

Gero Axular Dantza Taldea believes that Basque culture can serve as an instrument of social transformation. Allowing visibility to more unknown diseases such as Dravet syndrome.

This is not the first time ApoyoDravet and Gero Axular have collaborated together. In fact, this initiative stems from the success of the 2-year tour of the successful show Agorrila Solidario. That is why together with Dravet Support we have decided to keep moving forward on the road. We are very happy to continue growing in this area.

We will tell you more about the DravetTzari project later. In order not to miss any news we invite you to follow us on our social networks. We are in: Facebook (@geroaxular.dantzataldea), Instagram (@geroaxular), Twitter (@geroaxular) , Youtube (Gero Axular) y Flickr (Gero Axular Kultur Taldea). 

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