Last week we launched DravetTZARI, the solidarity project that bets on Basque culture, within the framework of the 5th edition of Meta! Matchfunding.

We created DravetTZARI to focus our 2021 activities on raising awareness of Dravet Syndrome, promoting inclusive culture and highlighting the possibilities of Basque culture as an element of social transformation.

Those interested can make their contributions from the official website of DravetTZARI:


Instructions (ES):

For every 1 euro = 1 euro more that the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa will contribute to the project.

In addition, the donor can receive really great rewards, from a tote bag to tickets for the group's performances. 

What/Who is DravetTzari?

DravetTZARI is a 15 year old dantzari (basque dancer) who has been participating in the activities of Gero Axular for years. Sometimes she does it dancing and singing supported by her other dantzaris partners, other times in her not so good days she participates from her wheelchair, even in her bad days she has to do it from a hospital bed and see us from the mobile.

Our dantzari is different, she has Dravet syndrome, one of the most serious epileptic syndromes that exists, uncontrolled epileptic seizures that are accompanied by severe cognitive impairment (intellectual disability, behavioral disorders, tremor ...), disorders in walking and motor activity in addition to one of the highest probabilities of mortality (16%) that exists among current epileptic syndromes.


What are we going to do?

1. A minimum of 5 exhibitions in 5 Basque municipalities with 12 traditional costumes and their accompanying description. One of the costumes worn by DravetTZARI (dummy) with a description of Dravet syndrome and the history of DRAVETtzari.
2. Higa. A new show by Gero Axular which will include the DravetTZARI story in voiceover and DravetTZARI participation in the show. A minimum of 2 performances. Training of 260 dantzaris to be a social speaker to raise awareness of Dravet Syndrome. 
3. Information stands in activities Gero Axular 2021 (shows, exhibitions, parties ,....) includes participation of dantzaris in management and execution of the stand as a point of dissemination.
4.I am developing a guide aimed at entities in the field of Basque culture with the aim of promoting the inclusive participation of people with disabilities.

Help us to achieve it! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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